The Weekend Inventor

September 17 – October 31, 2009
Artspace, New Haven, CT

The Weekend Inventor is a group exhibition that explores the continuously evolving relationship between art, technology, and innovation. Inspired by the mathematical equations, diagrams, maps, and models used by engineers and inventors that attempt to give visual form to complex thought and problem-solving endeavors, the artists in this exhibition employ similar analytical and pictorial strategies, creating works of art that question or subvert notions of stability and utility long associated with technology. In their works, fragmented machine parts, devices, and plans are put to new, and at times inventive and absurd, use. Although these artists work in a variety of media ranging from painting and drawing to high-definition video and sculpture, their works have much in common. They share a formal concern for space and material, an interest in the experimental and nonsensical, and an entrepreneurial ethos that underscores the “do-it-yourself” attitude that has re-emerged in the 21st century.

Artists include: Nathan Carter, Molly Larkey, Martha Lewis, Billy Malone, Peter Sarkisian, Jeff Shore and John Fisher, and Jane South.

Like the hobbyist-inventor whose ceaseless tinkering is driven by an intense curiosity and a need to create, the artists in this exhibition are fueled by their own imaginations as they push the conceptual boundaries of utility through physical materials, expose the fragility of belief systems, and explore society’s resistance to the notion of failure.